True Cost of Ownership

When we go out looking for a car many times we are focused on the purchase price in order to determine value. This makes sense until we look at what a vehicle may really cost to own over time, including repairs, maintenance, rate of depreciation, and fuel economy. We call this the TCO or true cost of ownership.

While the purchase price is easy to determine the TCO is a bit more difficult. Fuel economy is the easiest but even it can be affected by many factors including driving styles and weather. The rate of depreciation for a particular vehicle is also affected by the locale the vehicle resides as are maintenance and repair costs. It is also difficult to find out what a particular models costs are on average for maintenance and repairs over time.

So the question is how you can easily compare what it truly costs to own different models that you might be comparing. The answer is that there are several websites that can help provide answers. Bankrate.com has a list of the least expensive cars to own in eight different categories as well as a list of average costs compared by state. Edmunds.com has a TCO calculator for all makes and models which is based on your own zip code. This allows you to compare many models of new and used vehicles based on costs right where you live.

So whether you are buying a new car or a used one it is profitable to add information on TCO to your research in order to get the vehicle you want with the options you want that will provide the best value over the time you have the vehicle. Finding out a TCO estimate may also help you choose between different types of vehicles in order to get the value you want.


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